Monday, January 28, 2013

 So my friend asked me to review a certain product: Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel.  I had horrible nails. They are weak, short, dry, and brittle. So I bought this product not only to review it, but for myself, too. I used it for only one day and my nails feel a bit stronger. Well, at least they aren't bending at the slightest touch anymore. The application process couldn't be more simple- simple apply it to your nails and rub the gel in with your fingers or the applicator. It dries in about one minute. It smells really nice, kind of like fresh laundry. I can't give a full review today, but tomorrow I will probably have some results. Ciao, beauties!

Hey there! So I decided to finally start a beauty/fashion blog. Here are some things about me:

•My name is Claudia
•I live in NY
•I absolutely love Oreos
•I have a very tiny chihuahua
•Photography is one of my most favorite hobbies
•I collect magazines. I probably have 54 for now...
•I am a COMPLETE organization freak
•I'll kill anyone who disturbs my sleep. Kidding. But seriously, don't mess with me and my sleep time